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Top 12 Living Rooms by Candice Olson – Interior Design Ideas

Designer Candice Olson mixes comfy furnishings with elegant textiles and color schemes to create family rooms that define the meaning of lived-in luxury.

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  • Trice Davis

    Where is one of the very best designers HGTV has had it seems like all the very good shows along with the craft DIY shows have just disappeared from HGTV and will not return it doesn’t matter how many people complain or turn away

    • 8tomtoms8

      HGTV does not care about what their viewer want!!! They keep stuffing every imaginable version they can dream up of the dreaded “HOUSE HUNTERS” down our throats… It’s so predictable on the walk throughs, the couples all react the same, have similar wish lists, they all think that their bathroom is their “sanctuary” the woman is always gonna say that the closet is all hers except one small shelf for hubby…. House Hunters, House Hunters Renovations, House Hunters Where Are They Now, House Hunters Off The Grid, Tiny House Hunters, Island Hunters, Island Life, Mexico LIfe, and every other kind of life or hunters that exist to man!! They all look at three homes for the most part and have to decide from what is shown, It’s boring, it’s predictable and it’s old!!!! They have no new fresh ideas period!! The other shows are all “Flip” shows with the only difference being which city is being highlighted for the flips!!! It’s all Real Estate centered… Back in HGTV’s hayday they were so good with shows like Decorating Cents, Design To Sell, If Walls Could Talk, Curb Appeal, Divine Design, Color Splash, and the list goes on and on….With those design shows you at least had some variety with them… I still miss Design Star. They should have never gotten rid of Design Star, maybe a few of the judges, (Loved Candace as a judge BTW)… They need to reach into the vault and bring some of the old shows back to life… Would love to see Clive and Lisa doing another show together or Joan Seffand hosting a new version of Decorating Cents…. HGTV ARE YOU LISTENING!!!!!!!! If you’re not gonna listen to your viewers, all your viewers not just the ones who want to flip and hunt, then maybe you should change your name to HHTV. (House Hunter TV)!!!!!!

  • Afshan Syed

    your all ideas are good
    but one thing I observe that you always use big big furniture, some where the room is not large ,you also use big furniture
    I think when room is not big ,we need spacious furniture which take small place ,rather look small but it is spacious?


    hola candice soy de Tumbes-Perú me encanta tus diseños y la verdad que eres motivo de inspiración para hacer las mismas maravillas en mi hogar .Espero poder algún día poder tener contacto contigo para me ayudes en ideas y así poder poco a poco diseñar mi casa. que Dios te siga bendiciendo grandemente y tengas muchos éxitos.

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