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The Salish Luxe Tiny House by Wildwood Cottages

Pictured here is the Salish- a new addition to a cottage development called "Wildwood Cottages".

Wildwood Cottages is a new development on Lake Whatcom in Washington, about half an hour north of Bellingham. The site was formerly a campground but is now being transformed into a new luxury vacation resort.

The Salish is for sale for $312,500, plus an additional $127 monthly resort fee. The price may be a bit steep, but the house is undeniably stunning. It measures 399 sq ft and features a cabin-style exterior with a modern interior. Inside the home you'll find a full kitchen large enough for full-sized appliances, a bedroom, full bathroom, a living room, and a loft space.

Images via West Coast Homes

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  • Tracy S

    For $312,500 not only could you build about a 3,000 sq foot energy efficient home on a foundation but that price is $783 a square foot. I am not sure what part of that is reasonable. In my eyes none of it. I mean it’s a nice tiny home but I thought the idea of a tiny home was to save money.

  • mizzpoetrics

    Over $312k may be steep? Not only is that steep, it’s highway robbery! It’s a very nice th, but I don’t see anything draped in gold, lined with silver or set with jewels & pearls, that would explain this exorbitant price!

    • Shalee Michelle

      mizzpoetrics If you really pay attention, you’d also see that this is a very simple layout that lacks overall creativity. None of the materials in this house require even *close* to the asking price.

      Materials in total are probably $10-20k at most. $30k max, but that’s just being generous. The windows are most likely the most expensive aspect. I’m sure it doesn’t come fully stocked with all of that furniture, so $312k for such a minimalistic build is a suckers dream.

      I assume it’ll be paid for in fool’s gold, because that’s all it’s really worth. Yikes!

  • changkra

    I could get a 5 bed 5 1/2 bath where i live for that with extensive gardens. Way expensive. I could build this including land for approx 70k- in sterling

    • James Cilia

      changkra where I live animal three bedroom two bathroom 2000 square foot house goes over a million dollars so I believe the prices justifiable where I live

  • Deborah Davis

    Okay I have GOT to ask – are the fixtures gold or does it come completely turn-key??? How in the world can you have the nerve to price these a truly RIDICULOUS price?? I am embarrassed for you! I understand there are people without skills, there are people to lazy or busy to build a tiny house so I guess Barnum was right when he said “their is a fool born every minute” and darned if anybody buying your $312,500 tiny house IS a fool with WAY more money than brains. This is by far the worst gouging for any tiny house that I have come across in the past 4 years of watching the industry, and YOU DON’T EVEN OWN THE LAND IT SITS ON for that price, you pay a “lot fee” of $178 a month. WOW – just wow!!

  • A. R.

    Yikes no way no how on the price, yeah nice, nothing special about it, looks like a regular nice home to me, nothing very creative about it either. I can get regular house in the city for that much, some w HOA some not and even then there not as expensive as paying 700 something. Did someone say highway robbery! 😣

  • Grv Lk

    Thought might have some lunatic gonna buy a 300k crapped tiny house.. . damned, insane price as well company…. is that included land that might be in center of NY or CA ?? 😁😁😁

  • knit1purl1

    The price is as irritating as that whistling. But seriously Washington state used to be cheap. The insane prices in some areas is sadly a terrible and life altering issue for many.

  • Lori Elkins

    Ridiculous price for a tiny house. I could build an entire house on land for that amount in California. Unless it’s all 14K Gold, this is 200% markup. Crooks.

  • floridagoods

    Yeah this place is a total rip, you can buy a house in the city with that kind of mortgage for 5 x the size, and this one isnt even street legal.

    • floridagoods

      Also, this isn’t a tiny home, its a small home!! But no, it isn’t price gouging, they aren’t trying to take advantage of anyone, only idiots that are willing to pay this price, which right now, someone would pay the price because it would be a collectors item for the wealthy, since its a “trend”, no more no less.

    • floridagoods

      Price gouging is only when someone is taking advantage of a situation where people have no choice, people do have a choice to not buy this house, the builder can charge whatever the market will bear, if there are idiots out there that can pay those prices. Its not anyones place to tell someone how much they can charge unless the situation is under duress. This is the free market of America.
      Definition under wiki:
      Price gouging is a pejorative term referring to when a seller spikes the prices of goods, services or commodities to a level much higher than is considered reasonable or fair, and is considered exploitative, potentially to an unethical extent.

  • bristow3269 Carlquist

    Its a beautiful house but I would not pay $312,500 for it I though the point of tiny houses
    was affordability and leaving less of a carbon footprint.

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