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Twelve new lenses you won’t be able to live without

Staying Focused

Lenses are parabolic surfaces that collect light and focus it. The lens in your eye is a parabola. When it is formed correctly, it focuses images on your retina, the area at the back of your eye. If your lens is misshapen, it won’t focus images on your retina. Its focal point will either be in front of or behind your retina, and the image on your retina will be blurry.

Eye doctors create corrective lenses like eyeglasses and contacts to change the focal point of your eye’s lens. By measuring the distortion in your vision, they can calculate how far to move your eye’s focal point, and in what direction. Your corrective lenses are made specifically for your eyes, which is why they won’t work for other people. Sometimes, a person opts to undergo laser surgery. Then the eye doctor uses a laser to change the shape of the eye’s lens. Since the shape of the parabola has changed, the focal point has also changed. Images focus on the retina, and the patient can live without eyeglasses.

As people age, the proteins in their eye begin to break down. Their lenses become cloudy, and they can’t see because light can’t make it through the lens. These cloudy lenses are called cataracts. Today, doctors can remove the old lenses and replace them with new, synthetic lenses. The new lenses often correct other vision problems like astigmatism, near-sightedness and far-sightedness, because they’re constructed to focus light on the retina.

See for Yourself

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