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Chess Player wins gold for Russia

Khanty Mansiysk, Russia, Sep 19.- Russian Grandmaster Peter Svidler on Monday won the title of the World Chess Cup, after defeating his compatriot Alexander Grischuk in the finals.

Svidler, with white pieces, on Monday tied after 38 moves of a Sicilian Defense, with a Moscow variation.

The draw was a guarantee for Svidler to win the world title by 2.5 over 1.5 points, because he previously had one victory in the first match, and two draws in the second and third matches.

Svidler, 35, and also six-time champion of Russia, replaced Israeli Boris Gelfand as world champion, and qualifies for the next Candidates Tournament to the World Chess Championship 2012.

In the third place competition, Ukrainian Vassily Ivanchuk defeated his compatriot Ruslan Ponomariov (2.5-1.5), and won the bronze. (Prensa Latina).


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